Crox RPO is an offshore recruitment company located in Lincolnwood, IL USA, and Delhi, India. Crox RPO provides services like e dedicated recruiter, bench-marketing, 24X7 Sourcing, Staff Augmentation and web design. At Crox RPO, we always fulfill our promise of making exceptional connections with our Guaranteed Delivery Program. Using our specialized recruiting domain, we can help you in IT Recruitment, Corp to Corp/W2 Recruitment, Permanent /Fulltime staffing Recruitment and VMS Recruitment. Within the business, IT recruitment is our core service domain. A mix of ground-breaking concepts, elaborated approach, and quality-oriented delivery are our core features and this is what makes us different from other companies located then USA. Your partnership with us will help you to expand your existing team at very less cost. Our employees will work for your company for a common recruitment goal and this will help your company to achieve your talent hunting process. Our offshore recruiters and bench-marketiers have years of experience. They operate from India in Accompany with your onsite team.


Our core mission is to give you the best talent at very less cost, which let you do what you do the best. This will help us to be the best-trusted brand in the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry.


Before submitting any candidate, we always match skill sets you require and then we conduct a thorough pre-screening process. We also provide training materials to all candidates so they come to you with experience as well as knowledge. It not only helps candidate but also help companies to decrease their business training costs.

Reputation or image of an organization is an opinion that other thinks about them. We always maintain our reputation and we never sacrifice for it. We always place new benchmarks, enhance methods and refine systems.
Once we will sign an agreement then we will take whole responsibility of every word in the agreement, signed with us. We always maintain our dignity and fulfill whatever said with complete transparency.
Determination of our dedicated team helps us to achieve a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination our team helps to place new benchmarks, enhancing methods and refining systems and therefore giving full result.


Ever since we started, we always maintained our core features like speed, accuracy, quality, flexibility, accountability to each process to fulfill our client expectations. Our core values always help us to determine whether we are on the right path or not. It also helps us to fulfill our company’s goal by creating an unwavering guide. Our core values that empower us are:

Why Crox RPO?

I personally wanted to write this section, because I decided to make this page not look like a typical information page.

As the Director of the Company, I wanted to share my views and vision for starting this company, maybe at the end it will be easier for someone to understand why We theCrox familyare different than the others. You have already read the advantages of RPO, but million dollar question is what makes us different?

So, first of all i want to share why CROX RPO should be your choice. Our experienced andhighly skilled recruiters and sourcers know which websites, social media platforms & job portals attract talent, and they have the access to all the latest tools of the recruitment platforms, which many in the business may not be expert on.

We hire recruiters only after several rounds of interviews and don’t just blindly follow the Resume ‘artistry’. And, We are here to stay and we will not let anyone spoil the image of our company by their lack of knowledge and skills.

Most importantly, we don’t consider our clients just a business client but our partners. We give our best to help them grow higher and have a long business relation with us.  You will feel that extra effort we make within a short period of our association.

Towards the conclusion I just want to assure all my present clients and potential business associates who are reading this, “with us you don’t need to be concerned about outsourced recruitment activities, its our duty to report you and keep you informed about the developments, and I personally assure you the quality of our services will be up to your expectations.”

Thanks & Cheers
Imran Khan – Director CROX GROUP