A Comprehensive Guide End to End Process of Recruitment

On the web or on your mobile screens you must have seen Staffing companies advertise the End to End Process of Recruitment Services. But what exactly are these and how to create an effective End to End Recruitment Strategy?

Don’t worry! Experts at CROX RPO have crafted a full-fledged guide on End-to-End Recruitment. We have your back as always.

What is End-to-End Recruitment?

End to End Recruitment is also known as Full-cycle recruitment, this encompasses the recruitment process right from conception to execution. In this successful on-boarding is the end goal. When the Talent Acquisition department and recruitment consultants take the end-to-end approach, the recruitment companies are likely to place the right people in the right position helping you to focus on your business's core competencies.

6 Steps for Effective Recruitment Strategies

Step One: Preparation and Planning

A complete recruiting strategy is a time-consuming process as you need to craft a candidate persona and relevant job description. Your candidate persona should represent the perfect candidate for the job. Document the skills and other characteristics that align with the position for which you are looking for candidates. This persona basically guides your whole recruitment process, so take out sufficient time to fully build the profile.

The next step after this is crafting a job description that would attract the candidates to apply for that position. Your job description shouldn’t be a laundry list of requirements. Make people apply for that job. You can include salary benefits, corporate culture, and values.

Step two: Sourcing candidates

If we talk about sourcing candidates then there are two options: External and Internal. 

Internal Sourcing

  • Internal Recruitment- the right person can be your current employee as well. 
  • Employee Reference: This can be a colleague’s friend or your previous colleague. 

External Sourcing

  • Passive Candidates- These are candidates who are not actively looking for a job right now but they could be an excellent fit for your business or client’s job openings. You can find them via networking, online research, or your employees as well. 
  • Social Media: Use paid and organic social media efforts to market your job position and try to engage with both active and passive candidates. 
  • Job boards- Get your Job description in front of candidates who are looking for jobs on platforms such as Monster, Linkedin, and other relevant job websites. 

Step 3- Screening

Finalize the candidates that you’ve sourced. You can either use a manual screening or you can leverage the power of ATS (Application Tracking System) that empowers automated screening.

While resume parsing can help to search resumes using the right keywords to find all the potential employees, here you are actually searching the story that you want the candidate to hear.

On the other hand, with ATS you can use data collection tools to augment the resume and you can get detailed insights into your applications’ personalities.

Step 4: Selecting

You’ve filtered and narrowed down the relevant candidates and now it is the right time to select the right person for the job. Do keep these questions in your mind while interviewing the ideal candidate. 

  • Ask some classic interview questions 
  • Use a few unique hiring questions just to get into the candidate’s personality
  • Try to Stay away from questions that might put your organization or client in trouble. 

Step 5: Hiring

When you find the right candidate, you can generate the offer letter. And make sure you follow up with him/her via email or Whatsapp and make sure that the offer letter should contain all the important details such as roles and responsibilities, working hours, compensation, benefits, and other major things. Be prepared to negotiate if the person doesn’t accept the initial offer letter. 

Step 6: Onboarding

This is a very important step especially when it comes to reducing the overall turnover. There are a few things that might scare a new hire more than just a lack of guidance and clarity on what he or she should be doing at work.

So, the best you can do is create an onboarding plan for all the new employees. And be sure to include these:

  • Introductions to all team members 
  • An orientation plan that covers all the major things such as corporate guidelines, values, and culture. 
  • Another important step is to train the resource so that he/she would succeed at the workplace thus resulting in better revenue and growth for the organization. 

If you have included these steps in the End to End Process of Recruitment then your business to off to achieve more goals.

Final Words

Everything that goes into the End to End Process of Recruitment may sound very time-consuming and costly but let tell us that the ROI in hiring the right employees is undeniable. You need to plan to strengthen your hiring process.

Selecting the right ATS can help to solve many recruitment challenges and streamline your recruiting process. Join hands with CROX RPO to streamline your recruitment process and focus on your business's core competencies.