• April 12, 2023

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes be they medium or large enterprises. RPO is often due to the flexibility of service and not only that it also fits into the recruitment budget as well. 

According to a recent study, the global RPO market is valued at $5.01 billion in 2017 and is estimated to expand at a CAGR (Compound annual growth) of 14.4% by 2025 (in this span of 8 years). 

In this era of competitive candidate’s market, the cost to acquire talent is increasing with every single one. RPO can provide a service that would help your budget, it only helps you to fill the positions that are in high demand but also enhances the overall recruitment process. 
With the changing trends, RPO has become the business favorite, but what makes them stand apart from the traditional recruitment agency or company? If you are having the same question in your mind then this blog from the experts at CROX RPO is crafted just for you.

Difference between an RPO Company and Recruitment Agency

What is a recruiting agency?

In the traditional recruiting agency, a recruiter is involved as much as the candidate or the client. Sometimes a client will request the recruiter to be involved in every stage of the recruitment process but the recruiter typically would:

  • Find candidates for the vacant role 
  • Liaise between the candidates and the client throughout the recruitment process
  • Screen candidates ensuring that the candidates have all the desired skills 
  • Assist candidates with every process of recruitment (CV preparation, interview tips, salary negotiation, etc.)

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

In Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a process when a company outsources some part or all of its recruitment process to a third-party provider. RPO is a business that will impact productivity and profitability. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company can do everything right from crafting your job descriptions, screening candidates, and improving the overall branding of the employer as well. 

 RPO providers act as an extended part of your current team, short or medium roles on the project-to-project basis as well as replacing all the internal recruitment in an organization.

Things that RPO takes responsibility of:

  • Candidate name generation and sourcing 
  • Candidate screening 
  • The entire interview process
  • Testing and selection
  • Placement and on-boarding
  • Reporting

Why would an RPO partner be the perfect choice for your business?

There are multiple reasons that companies turn to an RPO provider for solutions that help to overcome their recruitment challenges. Here are some major reasons why it would be the desired choice for business.

Increased Turnover

If your employees are not performing up to your expectations then this might lead to poor growth towards your organizational goal. The roots lie in not proper screening, onboarding, and possibly poor management. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing can help you in this case as it would help you to identify the causes. CROX RPO can be your perfect partner helping you enhance your turnover. 

Increased Costs
 High Recruiting and staffing costs can be a problem for the recruitment process. When the company’s core focus is on reducing costs, the quality of hire generally suffers. This is where experts provide a helping hand. RPOs identify goals and ways to improve and implement analytics. 

Rapid Growth

When companies need to expand very quickly, they often compromise quality to keep up with rapid growth. Working with an established process, RPO experts are able to meet high volume, surge, and project requirements on deadline within time and budget too. 

Inability to Compete

A Company can’t compete for the top without having an inefficient staffing process that takes too much time and is not able to attract quality candidates and costs too much. A business that leverages RPO controls its resources, process, technology, people, and costs and is also able to predict future recruiting costs and timelines.

Wrapping Up

Your RPO partner manages your organization’s recruitment cycle, right from profiling to staffing and reporting. By partnering with the right RPO agency you can save considerable good time and your hard-earned money. And CROX RPO can be your desirable RPO partner helping you at every stage of the recruitment process.

FAQ’s Difference Between RPO company & Recruiting Agency

Which is better: talent acquisition or recruiter?

Well, it all depends on your requirements. To instantly fill vacant positions, a recruiter is preferred whereas to find a candidate with specific skills or a candidate of a specific niche, talent acquisition is preferred. 

Do recruitment agencies get paid?

The recruitment firms get paid on the basis of the position filled by them.

What are the different types of RPO?

There are basically three types of RPO 

  • Enterprise RPO- In an enterprise RPO, the team becomes an extended part of your current recruitment team. You might choose an enterprise when you don’t have a dedicated HR team to cater to human resource requirements. 
  • Project RPO- You might choose Project RPO for specific project hiring needs especially when you are hiring for a new process or new department.
  • Contingent RPO- This combines the power of RPO with the dynamic requirement. This is a great solution for a large-scale term or permanent roles. If you are looking for the value of RPO on a dynamic basis, CROX RPO could be the perfect choice for you.