• June 07, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is one of the growing technologies which has revamped the working style of professionals and students too. And IT Recruitment Companies are no exception. With the advent of AI, the recruitment process has become simpler and more efficient. Now applicants can send their resumes online and let the software do the rest.

In this blog crafted by experts at CROX RPO one of the leading IT Placement agencies, we are going to explain to you how AI has impacted IT Recruitment and placement overall.

AI In Recruitment

Cutting straight to the chase, AI Stands for Artificial Intelligence. This software involves executing tasks that are basically carried out by humans. This includes other things such as decision-making, visual and vocal recognition, and translation as well.

Recruiters and Placement experts have been using artificial intelligence for so many years now and its origin is modest and relatively simple. For instance, using an AI-powered application tracking system to scan resumes with proper keys is now very common. And AI as technology paves the way for recruiters to screen candidates more effectively and most importantly within a quick time.

The Use of AI has certainly a debatable topic since the technology filters the candidates on the basis of keywords inserted in the CV.

The problem, however, is that now recruiters are to read every single CV separately. Like in the last example the screening from IT Recruitment Companies for a particular job which has a number of applicants would be now just a few weeks. All the applicants are now willing to hear back from the employer. According to a recent study, almost 52% of recruitment leaders believe that finding the right candidate from a pool of candidates is the most challenging part of their job, and it seems like experts believe this job cannot be done with the help of people only.

There are far more examples of how AI has drastically changed the hiring process right from screening, sourcing, and pre-selection. Other tools can answer the candidate’s questions and even set up interviews as well. And the list goes on, you can just say it and let AI do it for you.

Impact of AI on Recruiting: Pros

Like everything in this world, this revolutionizing technology brings many pros to the table. Let’s look at some given by our team of experts.

Saves Time

Most of the recruiters are very busy people. In this regard, we can say that AI is a game changer for them as the technology paves the way for the quick execution of complex tasks in quick time. Be it answering candidate questions, scheduling interviews, and screening applicants for instance. Things are to be done within the deadlines.

CROX RPO is one of the companies that use AI- Infused technology to automate processes such as scheduling interviews or sending job offers to the shortlisted candidates.

Removes Bias

When it comes to finding the perfectly suited candidate for a requirement, the last thing we want is that the judgment should not be biased. Fortunately, AI has some interesting things that depict that AI can reduce bias in the recruitment process. Certain tools can help recruiters to get the perfect job ad or job description.

AI-powered preselection software leverages the power of predictive analytics to calculate a candidate’s success in a particular role. This certainly allows recruiters to take more strategically designed decisions rather than making decisions that would make them feel guilty.

Helps in Finding Candidates quicker than you think

AI-powered software can analyze potential candidates’ presence via their social media accounts and public data. The technology can make effective decisions on the basis of this data. Like for instance how likely people take or reject job offers or what kind of roles they would be interested in. It also analyses the profile of candidates who have started their job within the company. By combining all these factors, the software can identify the best candidates with similar personalities and skills. This enables recruiters to understand the psychology of the candidates for the roles they might be interested in and more importantly this brings a pool of quality candidates and they can finalize the best one out of them.

Enhances Candidate Experience

Let’s just revisit the AI Chatbot that we mentioned above. It never takes a day off, which means it is ready to answer candidate’s every question that too at odd hours as well.

Even at Midnight or on a Sunday Afternoon, it can guide the candidate in the right direction. So, this clearly depicts how AI enhances Candidate’s experience.

Impact of AI in Recruitment: Shortcomings

Sure, if used wisely Artificial Intelligence can bring numerous benefits to the table. However, there are a few shortcomings as well.

Technology AI can detect certain abnormal things during the video interview for instance. But who can say that the body language of the candidate was up to the mark or was he cheating during the video interview? Human qualities such as empathy and contextual understanding are still impossible to replace with software or what we are calling ChatGPT.

Another tricky scenario here can be, An AI-driven recruitment tool might be to identify the right candidate on the basis of keywords infused in the CV. But what if the candidate has changed more than three jobs in a year?

It Is often heard that AI will surely replace humans or displace many of them from their jobs. While certainly there will be an impact, it’s not as bad as many people seem to think. In most cases, AI and Automation will not only take over those repetitive, easy to be as we mentioned.

What does the future like for AI in Recruitment?

Artificial Intelligence is changing the complexion of the recruitment industry. There is already some tremendous AI-driven application that enables recruiters to ease their recruitment burden. You can find the desired job descriptions and job ads.

So try out some new tools, software, and programs to see what works out for you as one of the best IT Recruitment companies that would eventually improve your quality hire, your candidate experience- perhaps most importantly-the everyday working lives far better.