• June 12, 2023

Behind every successful company or enterprise, there is a very important person, and without you cannot run you smoothly. It is Virtual Executive Assistant!!

virtual office assistant or executive actually handles all the day-to-day operational activities for a business, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. They coordinate with all the team members and ensure there is a proper and consistent follow-up on the all-ongoing projects, allowing them to focus on all core business competencies.

Now with the changing trends, remote work culture is getting way too popular, the role of virtual assistant business has moved from office setup to work-from-home setup, making them actual virtual executive assistants. However, some misconceptions and myths about US Virtual assistants make some business owners hesitant to hire them.

Who are Virtual Executive Assistants?

Virtual Executive Assistant is someone who can help you with all the administrative tasks, ultimately helping you to reduce the excessive workload. A Virtual Executive assistant is a working professional who works from home or remotely for all administrative tasks.

They are well-skilled, organized, and quite efficient workers and are often college graduates with relevant qualifications and working experience. The average salary of a Virtual Executive Assistant is around $54,000 a year. If you are stuck with a question how to find a skill expert? Then the perfect answer to that question is “Virtual Executive Assistant”

How Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Work?

Executive Virtual Assistants work similarly to all the administrative staff. Technology has come a way long and any task that previously required office assistant to work from the office. If you hire a virtual executive assistant, you don’t have to pay for all the necessary leaves.

Based on their perspective, executive assistants can work either from home or in a co-working space. 

All they actually require is access to email; company drives and CRM they can handle your administrative tasks even across worldwide. In recent years, virtual assistants have made their way into mainstream business, and with the emergence of VOIP Services like Skype and Zoom, it is now possible to have assistants who can answer all your important calls.

Now trust is not an issue at all while working with an executive virtual assistant. For instance, CROX RPO is required to sign an NDA before being assigned to any particular client, you can assure your data is safe with your virtual assistant.

What Tasks can you assign to an executive assistant?

They can perform any of the duties commonly associated with the role of an administrative assistant and much more.

Virtual assistants help with various duties including website editing, social media marketing, data entry, and other tasks. Let’s explore some tasks that you can assign to virtual assistants. 

  1. Managing Your Inbox- Feeling stressed as you have missed an important email for a client? Delegate the same task to a virtual assistant and never lose an important mail ever again.
  2. Managing Your Schedule-  Is your schedule way too hectic or you are overbooked? Let your remote virtual assistants do all the bookings and appoint you for all the important meetings. Hiring such professionals ensures that you have enough space before every meeting.
  3. Managing Data Entry- Storing and keeping your data safe is very important for any business but it is time-consuming as well. However, joining hands with virtual assistants can help you handle all the important data with ease so that you can focus on other priority work.
  4. Travel Planning- Your virtual assistants can arrange the best deals on flights and hotels. In addition to that they can find the best restaurants for hosting meetings.
  5. Manage Projects- Executive Assistants can overlook your projects, manage communications between multiple departments and ensure no deadlines are missed.
  6. Assist in Planning- A Virtual executive assistant can’t be present during an event physically. Still, they can help you book the venue, find the best caters and organize party Favors.
  7. Internal Office Coordination- Your executive virtual assistant can be a bridge between you and other teams and follow up on important tasks and other major concerns.
  8. Record of meetings- With the number of meetings you have attended throughout the day, keeping a track record of all the things can be really difficult. You can have your virtual assistant during these meetings and let me have a record of all the meetings.
  9. Create PPTs- Executive Virtual Assistants can help you stay prepared for meetings ahead of time and make detailed presentations.
  10. Sending Client Gifts- Remote Virtual Assistants can help you to make your clients feel special by sending them gifts during the festive season and notes of their important dates.
  11. Assist in HR-related Tasks- Your virtual executive assistant can manage hiring tasks such as sourcing interviews and shortlisting candidates.
  12. Preparing Expense Reports- Remote Virtual Assistants can help you to manage your office finances more effectively by preparing weekly or monthly expense reports. 

Why do you need virtual Assistants?

In today’s world full of hustle and bustle, all big executives and entrepreneurs frequently struggle to maintain a work-life balance. You can take the assistance of a virtual assistant to organize your mailbox and ensure that you don’t miss any important mail and keep your mail spam-free and other unwanted mail.

Here are some reasons why should hire Virtual EA for your business:

  • Virtual assistants have flexible working hours and work from any place across the globe, making it much easier for you to manage time zones
  • Hiring a virtual assistant can be a perfect choice if you want to achieve a better work-life balance. They can take care of all your administrative tasks and you can enjoy your personal life as well.
  • Getting a VA in your team is a great way to save money since you don’t need to hire a full-time employee for the same or you don’t need to invest in extra software. 

How to Hire Virtual Assistants?

Here are two ways that can help you to get a skilled virtual assistant. 

  • Virtual Assistant Service Provider- Hiring a virtual assistant is very easy if you have collaborated with a top service provider like CROX RPO. They offer a range of services and an experienced team helping you to have an experienced and reliable Virtual Executive Assistant onboard. Just ping them and they will take care of the rest.
  • Freelancer Platforms- If you are looking for a virtual executive assistant there are multiple freelancer platforms such as Upwork, freelancer, and Fiver to find the ideal candidate. You can browse the profiles and search for the complete work history and hourly rates.

CROX RPO for the Perfect Executive Assistance

When it comes to hiring a virtual office Assistant, CROX RPO is a reliable name. We offer multiple services to help business owners to increase their work productivity in the US and across the globe. 
We provide cost-efficient, pre-trained, and fully vetted experts with impressive technical and soft skills. You can rely on us for the best services.

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FAQ Related to Virtual Executive Assistant

Is there a demand for virtual assistants?

Many companies and enterprises prefer to leverage the power of Virtual assistants instead of hiring full-time employees so they can save money on wages and benefits. And many small companies take the assistance of virtual assistants on an hourly basis, there is indeed a high demand for virtual assistants.

Is the virtual assistant job stressful?

If talk about the job being stressful for virtual assistants, certainly it is. The main stressful part of virtual assistance is the shortage of time, they need to do everything in the limited time frame.

Is virtual assistant a hard job?

Yes, it is a hard job since virtual assistants need to work for multiple clients and there are a number of tasks that need to be done in a single day.

How do I become a virtual assistant with no experience?
The simple answer to that question is Yes, you just need to figure out your niche, and you can plan ahead and make sure you have gained the necessary skills and traits that can help to become a good virtual assistant.

What qualifies you to be a virtual assistant?
A good virtual assistant should be proficient in crafting documents, and spreadsheets. He/she must be excellent at communication. The necessary skills for a virtual assistant include contacting clients, customer support, and creating a track of all the necessary things.