• May 12, 2023

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is a form of recruitment in which an employer transfers all of or some part of its recruitment process to a third-party service provider. RPO service providers offer focused teams of recruitment specialists and account managers helping to find the right candidate to fit in your company culture and increase employee retention.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is primarily used by businesses of every size and it is often the premier choice for employers requiring talent acquisition in specialized or technical areas. In such a competitive market where it is really difficult to attract all the potential new employees. RPO can bring different perspectives, skills, and intentions to the problem while at the same time, making your HR department free a bit so that they can focus on their core priority work.

In this blog from CROX RPO, we are going to learn the importance of RPO Companies and many more important things related to it.

 But before we move, let's understand the overall working of RPO.

How does RPO work?

RPO services basically begin with a mutual agreement between both parties which outlines the scope of the project, timing, and other important details. Generally, HRM (Human Resource Management) and the RPO service provider sit down together to create apt job descriptions. Then, the RPO team spreads the word about job openings offered by the clients and starts hunting candidates with customized recruitment strategies. 

As soon as the resume arrives, the RPO service provider assesses the candidate and it might be shared with the employer if there is no change in the Job description or in overall requirements. The RPO team will gather and start screening candidates through assessments if required. If the RPO process is successful, the employer will take a small round of interviews, and the ultimate choice is theirs.

What is the need for RPO Companies?

Hiring an RPO partner can be really valuable to you and for the overall growth of your organization.

Enhanced Employee Engagement and Retention

RPO allows your team to be more effective by focusing on providing sourcing and recruiting techniques for your business. These techniques allow an RPO partner to source more candidates for each position- more candidates equal more choices. Along with the screen techniques, the next results not only meet the job requirements but closely match the culture and values of your organization which can help in driving engagement. These quality hires bring positive energy and a vibe. This will surely streamline your efforts and ensure that every employee is performing to the best of their capabilities. Plus, when employees feel engaged, they are likely to stay long-term, committing to a future in your organization.

Enhanced Proficiency and Efficiency

An RPO partner brings an advanced level of expertise to the table. Your recruiters are trained and experienced in recruiting for a specific skill or industry. Additionally, they have more access to candidates and technical tools that a company would not be able to access without joining hands with an RPO service provider.

Better Accountability and Flexibility

As discussed above, RPO services generally begin with a mutual contract between a company and the provider. The agreement clearly defines the expectations from both sides and the objectives and results that need to be reached. You have the whole control of the recruitment process. 

For instance, we at CROX RPO understand that different companies have different requirements and therefore the agreement is prepared accordingly keeping in mind the business objectives and overall budget. 

In recruitment, we also cover recruitment related expenses such as:

  • Recruiter’s costs
  • Technology
  • Sourcing tools
  • Marketing tools


You, as a partner, have the whole control over the candidates but the RPO service provider assumes database management and oversight. Throughout the whole recruitment process outsourcing, you would be able to see the effectiveness and know that the RPO partner is providing the full support that you have paid for.

Better Savings (Time and Money)

The more time spent on recruiting top talent for your organization, the more money and time you are losing. This can happen in a number of situations. For instance, if you are dedicating time to your recruitment needs every day then you are taking out time away from your other responsibilities that are important for the overall growth of the organization. 

Outsourcing allows you to get the bulk recruiting off and give it to the professionals who are well-trained and capable of finding you, great candidates. This can help you achieve the overall strategies and results that you desire.


RPO can also provide people with analytics on hiring practices. Another major benefit is the way it supports globalization. As organizations expand into other countries it is important to standardize sourcing, hiring, and onboarding processes.

FAQs related to the Importance of RPO Companies

How does a company benefit from outsourcing?

 Outsourcing can help you leverage the knowledge and skills required with your core competencies. Outsourcing can make your business operations smoother and more flexible and makes you familiar with the changing trends in the recruiting industry as well.

How important is outsourcing in a company?

Well. Outsourcing in a company is quite important since you will get an extended team working on your requirements and making sure that you get the desired results. 

Who benefits the most from outsourcing?

The benefits of outsourcing are majorly mentioned above. To be specific in that, there would be flexibility in operations and you will have access to the latest technologies and trends helping to upscale your human resource. 

How does outsourcing increase company profits?

 If you talk about how outsourcing increases your company's profits. There would be reduced labor costs and you will get the resources as per your requirements and within your budget too.